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  • Partnership
  • Herwig • Jaenisch • Wittig

HJW + PARTNER HANNOVER is a partnership company with seats in Hannover and Berlin as well as in Leipzig, Brussels, Paris and in Beijing.

We would take over the complete service for the supervision of the construction planning, construction design planning, wing unit design planning, planning of the technical building appliances as well as the building-site surveyors duties

Complete planning services from the project development right up until to the ready for occupancy stage as master planning achievement as well as individual performances and special planning.

The building owner would also be supported in the context of the project management. Special attention is put on the quality and realization of all the planning phases by the assigned building contractors within the appointed deadline. For this purpose an experienced staff of construction supervisors is available locally.

Large numbers of projects can be realized once at a time, with economical planning, short construction phases, in co-operation with international large-scale enterprises such as the Elf Aquitaine and the Metro AG, and also in co-operation with the public authorities (federal, regional and municipal planning authorities). In the course of the building-site surveyors activities, an arbitral expert opinion in a neutral function, as a judicial expert opinion, or a licensed specialist (publicly ordered and sworn in) would be supplied.

Furthermore, the procedure of securing evidence, the expert opinion on deficiencies, stability, construction accompanying and construction supervised activities as well as the handing over of the completed constructions would be carried out by HJW + PARTNER ARCHITECTS + ENGINEERS.

  • René Edgar Herwig (HJW + PARTNER Hannover) Architecture/coordination
    • Born 1953
    • Studied from 1974 to 1978 on the IUAV, Venice, Italy.
    • Studied from 1978 to 1983 on the RWTH Aachen.
    • 1983 - 1986 scientific assistant teaching post professorial chair: Structural and industrial engineering, RWTH Aachen.
    • Academic advice from 1989 - 1991 at the University of Hannover.
    • Independent architect since 1986.
    • Founder of HJW+PARTNER 1990, company owner
    Wolfram Gresch (HJW + PARTNER Hannover) cost accounting/construction supervision
    • Born 1967
    • Studied from 1989 to 1993 at the technical University of Magdeburg.
    • Employed at HJW + PARTNERS since 1993.
    • Since 1995 project manager.
    • Associate Partner of HJW+PARTNER since 2002